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I am a dynamic curious professional, believing that Law and Technology need to work together in shaping the future of humanity.
Thanks to my diverse background in Law, Innovation, Venture Capital and Financial Technologies, I help companies and startups understanding and solving complex problems in innovative ways.

Financial Technology  Consultant 

 Data   Strategy Design

Legal and Policy     Advisor 

Strategic Partnership Ideation

I advise corporates
and startups in creating the most value from their innovation strategy 

Bring Innovation to life is not a solo job: it is critical for any actor in every industry to be able to effectively cooperate with the others. Corporates, startups, regulators, and institutions in financial services, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, agriculture are realizing how critical it is to build strategy and implement business processes that allow for better cross-contamination. 

In my career, I developed unique expertise working for professional firms, corporations and startups, and designing holistic strategies for business development, partnership agreements, government relationships and data management strategies. 

Also, I have a strong passion for social impact, which makes me look at every project I work on with the ultimate goal of generating a positive impact on people and society.

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I collaborate with startups, Accademia and ecosystem actors
on strategy, business development and fostering and spreading innovation.



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