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Marta Ghiglionidata professional fintech & startups

I combine technical ability with business acumen to create
and execute innovative strategies

About Me

It all started for me when I realized that law and technology were not communicating effectively.
So, as a self-taught programmer, I decided to go to law school, to apply to law and policy a technological approach.

Since then my passion and innovative vision brought me to be recognized among the most influential thought leaders in Fintech and Innovation in Italy. I have participated in the Global Solutions Program at NASA Ames and won an HeroXPrize Blockchain for Social Good.

I have been working for and with banks, startups and regulators, bringing an innovative and integrated approach to data strategy.
From creating partnerships to designing new products and drafting regulations, I have always promoted and adopted a data-driven approach to decision making.

Recently one of my speeches has been featured on (If you do not know Italian happy to chat about it! – soon to have subtitles!)

Get in touch

If you want to get in contact send me an email at
marta.ghiglioni [at]

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